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10 Tips Help You to Buy Fewer Books This Years

I think we can all agree to buy this incredible book. Go to the bookstore and explore the hours, or view a list of books you are looking for, or ask for references - but spend some time in the bookstore. But sometimes you leave the bookstore with full pockets and empty wallets and notice that you have just spent your budget for the next two months. Come on, I know that did not happen to me.

With that in mind, I recently spent a lot of money on books when I visited 19 bookstores. Then I decided to calm down. So I had a few tips to reduce the purchase of books. Maybe they can help you.


1. Avoid bookstores. I do not like talking about it because I like bookstores. The best way to stop buying books is to avoid selling books.

2. Use your friends as a bookstore. If you surround yourself with a book fan, I think you have at least some people in your life who can read you and borrow big books. It's just that, do not be a book ... like me.

3. Go to the library! It's like a free and magical bookstore. You can consult, make a list, make recommendations to the publisher of the library, etc. These are all bookstorm traps ... except you have to get them back at the end.

4. Understand which books you want. Inform them immediately or in case of doubt, ask which book you would like to recommend.

5. Check their shelves. Which books do you have? Do you have many books from the same author? Remember the name of this author.

6. Learn what you read.

7. Bring it to the bookstore and see what you see when you leave it on your own device. Do you go directly to mysteries and thrillers? The last bestseller? Are you fans YES?

8. Now, find that you know what you want to read. Ask for recommended literature and visit the bestsellers online in their favorite genres.

9. Research authors comparable or up-to-date with their beloved authors. Are you a Hemingway fan? Then maybe they are interested in the work of their friends like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Ezra Pound, James Joyce and John Dos Passos.

10. Are you afraid to buy a reading book? Keep the new version in a safe place - or buy a very good old classic edition to reread.

Whatever happens, buy the book and do not buy a scarf! Open says, "I do not know about you if you like color, I like blue and that's why I'm blue." On the other hand, it says in a book: "I love your literature and I hope you enjoy this novel that you have chosen so beautifully." When it comes to gifts, you always win a good book.

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